Benefit of Podcasts and video creation in the Classroom

If properly used, podcasts can be a very effective in getting information across to students in a very user friendly way. Will Richardson talks about the simplicity in Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts by stating, “Like the other technologies that I have talked about in this book, you do not need a lot of technical expertise to make it work” (Richardson, 2007). This simplicity allows for students to voice their own opinions about class content in a way that is engaging and calls for next level thinking. Although I never used podcasts in my educational career growing up, I feel like this technology can be effectively used to engage future students.

Richardson suggests that older students (high school) tend to lean towards video presentations when given the option of presentation styles. Video production is very fun for students as they can add their own style to the curriculum instead of falling asleep to 2 hour lectures on the same material. Video production also urges students to use critical thinking to learn the course content, along with the application of the newly learned material.


Author: tylerdankenbring

Hello, my name is Tyler and I am currently attending college at Western Oregon University. I am studying to become either a school psychologist or school counselor. I created this cite for my ED 270 class to turn in work and stay in touch with fellow classmates.

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