Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships

Courtney Pentland, a school librarian at Burke High School, approaches the topic of sexting and inappropriate media use with great care. She first approaches her students by  warning them that the topic being discussed is serious and requires a mature participation. She also utilizes tablets in the classroom which provide a means by which students can discretely respond to questions or share them with the rest of the class. The presence of these tablets also engages the students on a much more effective level when compared to a lecture/note-taking environment.

Ms. Pentland also urges her students to reply to answers in a vocabulary that is familiar to them. This allows the students to understand and process new information on a much more personal level. This will result in a better understanding of the material and  a longer retention rate for students.

Like noted previously, the use of tablets in this class allow students to answer questions that they may not have answered in a traditional classroom setting. Because of this, reserved students will have a voice in the conversation and be able to get more meaningful information out of the class. An added benefit to incorporating this technology into the classroom is that it allows every student to answer a question on their own, before sharing it with the class. In a traditional classroom setting, answers are blurted out in class, usually by the same person every time. This greatly limits the potential of students who are reserved.


Author: tylerdankenbring

Hello, my name is Tyler and I am currently attending college at Western Oregon University. I am studying to become either a school psychologist or school counselor. I created this cite for my ED 270 class to turn in work and stay in touch with fellow classmates.

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