Presentation Design Q’s

1. I was actually Surprised by how much I already knew regarding the content of this article. This is probably a result of years of powerpoint experience and classroom instruction on how to improve my presentations. However, there were a few things that were new to me. One point made was that idea of the picture superiority affect. This is the idea that pictures resinate in the minds of students much better than that of words. This actually makes a whole lot of sense, as PowerPoints with pictures seem to hold my interest, whereas PowerPoints without don’t. I also fall victim to the “empty space” point that was brought up. I don’t like to see empty space on my PowerPoint slides and usually fill it with various fillers such a pictures or clip art. The article goes on to highlight the effectiveness of empty space and how it can improve the design of a presentation.

2. I can incorporate all of these details into future presentations to draw in my audience and effectively grasp their attention. I can also teach these newfound skills to future students in hope that they can improve their presentation design as well. As technology advances and our society becomes much more dependent on web and computer presentation, it will be useful to have all the design tools accessible so that future students can survive in the ever-evolving business world.

3. For the most part, my previous academic presentations have been relatively good. The only two points that have been weak in my eyes have been my empty space usage (or lack thereof) and my lack of understanding regarding picture quality and how it can impact an audience. I have effectively used alignment and proximity in previous presentations and would just need to improve on the previously mentioned areas. Besides this I would say that my presentation style is very effective and has helped me progress through my academic career thus far.


Author: tylerdankenbring

Hello, my name is Tyler and I am currently attending college at Western Oregon University. I am studying to become either a school psychologist or school counselor. I created this cite for my ED 270 class to turn in work and stay in touch with fellow classmates.

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